Saturday, November 17, 2012

Closet into Wrapping Station

Conference week and Thanksgiving holiday means more time around the house. This weekend I turned an unused closet in the basement into a wrapping station.

The top shelf holds extra boxes for odd shaped items.

Under the top shelf I hammered in some nails to sort gift bags by size and occasion.
The second shelf holds tissue paper and bags without handles.

Next to the foot locker I have one of those upright tupperware containers for holding gift wrap. It is too short to hold some of the longer rolls, so I store them without the lid. I always have extra bits of paper that get wrinkled, torn or ruined so I repurposed a six-pack container to sort and store the extra bits.


That container went inside the lid (turned upside down) with bows on the side.

When you open the lid to the footlocker, it's the kind with a tray, so I put the scissors, tape, sharpies, ribbons inside. When the lid is closed I have a large flat surface for wrapping. I also labeled two large envelopes to keep gift cards and gift receipts inside.

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