Thursday, January 2, 2014


I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of the date I took the plunge. Last year in January, I had been goofing around with Teachers Pay Teachers with mixed feelings. Lesson plans were selling, but the transaction fees were making me wonder if it was worth it. The membership was about $60 and I couldn't decide if I should go for it. On one hand, I had already that amount since September and I wondered if there would be enough momentum to pay off the membership fee. My husband encouraged me and it was a great decision. Within the first month and a half I made back my investment and it's been pure profit.

It really does add up! What I love about the site is unlike other online venues I only upload something once (for free) and can sell multiple times over without ever doing anything more. I only pay a transaction fee when something sells. On a $1 worksheet I pay a 15 cent commission.

The statistics page is very helpful. I can see how many times a plan has been viewed or purchased. It helps me decide which lessons to upload next. I know you can pay to have your items jump to the top of the search, but I never have done that and have been very pleased with the traffic. Here's a shot of the statistics page:

Could you do this on your own? I guess you could. Personally, I don't have the traffic of deep space sparkle, so this works for me. I know I plug their site a lot on here, but I really think it is a great value and opportunity for educators.

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