Sunday, October 2, 2016

Weaving Remix

Since I have taught my woven sweater lesson off and on for four years I was getting a little bored with it and wanted to switch things up this year. In the past both first and second grade did a weaving project, so I decided to drop it from first grade this year and move it earlier in the year for second. They are definitely ready and able to handle it.

This little cheat sheet will really help at their tables or in case a substitute needs to step in.

 I also tweaked my powerpoint to get down to the bare necessities. After attending the AOE conference last year, I was pretty excited to add the Weaving DVD featured in the swag box to my professional library, so I may not use the PowerPoint at all, but it's ready to go.

What's your favorite way to introduce weaving? If you'd love to teach this lesson, but hate to do the planning, it's available for download here.

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