Monday, May 18, 2015


This week my students will be starting koinobori. This is a brand new lesson for me and was inspired by the book "Pattern Fish" that I recently ordered. It got me excited for doing a fish lesson other than gyotaku. Since it is spring time in the Northeast I decided on the Japanese Carp Kites.

As I was writing the lesson plan I was excited to see all the amazing connections with the new visual arts standards. Specifically, the presenting category. My previous thinking was mired down with thinking "elementary kids aren't going to mat and frame work" but on closer review there were some more realistic applications. For instance:

  • 1st grade: Ask and answer questions such as where, when, why, and how artwork should be prepared for presentation or preservation. 
  • 2nd grade: Distinguish between different materials
 or artistic techniques for preparing artwork for presentation.

And also these two:

  • Compare and contrast how art exhibited
 in and outside of school in museums, galleries and other venues, including virtual spaces, contributes to the community.
  • Identify times, places and reasons when students make art outside of school.

So. Definitely looking forward to this. Was originally thinking it would be a "filler" lesson for those classes that are way ahead, but now I'm hoping I can squeeze it in with all sections because there's so much good stuff happening here.

Oh, and how about some Haiku to wrap it up? You know, because the pattern 5-7-5 also mimics the half drop repeat pattern of fish scales. Yeah. I'm kind of loving this lesson right now.