Saturday, October 21, 2017

Las Vegas Portrait Project

I will be participating in the Las Vegas Portrait Project. Today I received my acceptance notification and began reviewing the biographies and portraits of each victim. I hope that other art teachers will consider donating their time and materials to this worthy cause. More information available here.

Dipping a toe into TAB

Last weekend I fell down the rabbit hole of Jessy Ruby's website 2 art rooms. It is the first time that I could clearly see a TAB classroom functioning in a way that made sense to me. Her use of the studio habits as a framework that drives instruction got me rethinking my own pedagogy. I still have lots of questions and research ahead of me, but I am seeing the benefits and the possibilities this offers.

With that in mind, I decided to make a first attempt with a lesson I had done last year with second grade. Upon finishing their scarecrow paper weavings, they were invited to explore recycled materials to make a 3D scarecrow. Last year I did something similar, but I showed them how to put it together. Since this was the grade level that really embraced my STEAM bridge challenge, I knew they'd be up for another.

I loved watching them struggle with the problem and invent their own solutions. I restricted the use of glue and limited materials to (1) cardboard, (2) pipecleaners or (1) twisteez wire and (2) beads

If you want the professionally formatted lesson plan to wow your administrators, it's right here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Artist of the week

Do you have an artist of the week or other acknowledgement system? My first year at elementary the principal asked if I had awards for the end of year assembly and I said that I didn't. Well that June I felt like I missed the boat as we rolled into the 2nd day and 3rd hour of awards. Wow. Elementary. They get awards for EVERYTHING, amiright? So the following year I decided to award one student in each class an artist of the week award....(which could also be known as the "I published your stuff to artsonia this week award") They've been loving it. Some years I post their artwork in our hallway to coincide with their week which is a lot of work to rotate weekly and make sure you get each kid once, but they do genuinely appreciate it and so do their parents. It's also a great way to make sure their parents are aware of artsonia. By sending home this slip with each kid on their day, I can usually get a few more parents to allow them to participate.

Now that first projects are completed I'm ready to start our artist of the week program again and decided to up the ante with these homemade, tie-dye aprons that they can choose to wear on their day. Hoping by making this more special I can erase some of the guilt I feel when they tell me it's their birthday (clearly expecting a sticker or trinket) and I give them a high-five.

Snakes In The Grass

My first graders are starting to complete the Hide and Snake lesson. This was a two session project and they did a great job. It was only their second time painting with me. We got some scissor and glue practice and a crash course in weaving.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Can Do Statements

New Updated Bulletin Board. Each grade also has their own bulletin board of the same color with project samples. The crayon labels have acetate on top to turn them into Dry Erase friendly spaces.

Definitely an improvement over year one

and year 2-5

I carry the K-5 grade level rainbow theme into all aspects of planning and display. Their Artist of the Week display in the hall has the same color background paper. The preview board in the classroom with a sneak peek of the lesson, same color. My printed schedule for subs... you get the idea. Need help getting organized? Free example available here.