Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Pair of Socks

As I look to wrap up my first year teaching art to Kindergarten I've been checking my curriculum guide and the National Art Standards to see what else I can squeeze in. A while back I had pinned this adorable book to my books for art educators board and decided it was finally time to develop the lesson plan.

Art Lesson Plan Teaching Pattern

For my sample I decided to use the Placolor set. It goes on like an oil pastel but dries completely smudge free in less than a few minutes. This is a fun alternative to the richness of an oil pastel minus the messy clean up AND my overflowing drying rack. I'm all about that in May!

Using some digital patterns that I had created in Photoshop for signs and labels, I made a set of cards for the students to play a memory match game. After I print and cut them apart, they can turn all of the pairs upside down and test their memories. I think this would be a fun closure activity for those finishing early.

If you've gotta have the details on this plan for your classroom, it's available for download here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rocking Out in Kindergarten.

My students started their "pet fish" rock paintings. To start, I picked up about 100 rocks from a friend and we washed them off. I primed them with a layer of white acrylic so the colors would pop. Week one, we read the story "Only One You" and discussed what it means to be original. I then had them trace their rock shape on scrap paper and plan the design for the following class.

Week two we talked about patterns and practiced tapping out a few and filling in the blank to predict patterns. Using permanent markers, they added faces and patterns to their fish. Here are a handful of our finished pet fish ready to go home.