Monday, February 13, 2017

Time to make the donuts

This year my crayola grant is focusing on the work of Wayne Thiebaud. I had planned to have my fourth grade students create a layered cake with a piece removed and also make a model magic cupcake. Both are lessons I've borrowed from another teacher in my district. As the supplies started   rolling in, I saw a teacher post a lesson for donuts on a discussion board for art teachers. I knew right away that I could connect this to the Thiebaud lesson. And, hello fastnacht day! I don't know if this is a big deal if you're not Pennsylvania Dutch, but this is very relevant for the students in our district.
My first group of students finished their donuts today and they are gorgeous. I had them focus on unity, variety and emphasis. Since we used a pool noodle as a stamper, all of the shapes are the same. That's our unity. I supplied three colors of paint: vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. That's our variety. They used the amazing playcolor paint sticks to add frosting, glaze and sprinkles on top. They were allowed to use glitter on ONE donut which created emphasis. More photos to come.

This lesson idea inspired by Katie Mallette.