Friday, March 8, 2013

Laurel Burch

After many inspiring lessons on pinterest, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and give it a try. Most of the students finished today.

First grader adding crayon pattern for a resist painting

2nd grader assembling the cat

First grade
Day 1: Slideshow and create cat body
Day 2: Crayon Pattern on cat
Day 3: Lesson on mixing primary to create secondary. Paint body
Day 4: Assemble. Details.

Second grade learned about pattern and repetition.
Day 1: Slideshow and create cat body
Day 2: Create pattern on cat body
Day 3: Assemble. Details.

These worksheets were helpful for early finishers. They were available during the first week and students could work on them whenever they had extra time.

Since I am at three schools, I sometimes try different approaches. At one of my schools, I gave the first graders the tail paper (the 3x12" piece leftover from the background paper 15x12") and let them create pattern with marker immediately after the Laurel Burch intro. The patterns were stronger in that class. I would probably do the lesson that way in the future. In the other two schools, they were allowed to embellish the tails on the day of assembly at the end if they had extra time.

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