Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The weather outside is

The gorgeous fall weather that has been spoiling us for weeks has finally snapped. Just in time, as I've been holding back on my snowflake and ornament lessons. It just seemed silly with the leaves so bright and the weather so inviting. But it's time.

Testing out two brand new lessons. For 4th grade, I've created an upgrade to the popular "line ornament" that's been floating around on pinterest. I decided to have them work with implied line and negative space. And instead of paper we're using shrinky dink. The wow factor of handing back something 1/3 its original size never seems to fail and I have a ton of it in the closet. I'm thinking two days, but could add a third if they made a hand beaded ornament hook.

Third grade is going to tackle symmetry, via printmaking. They will create snowflakes behind a window pane. I chose a 3" square plate, so they can practice on post-it notes. Love that it sticks right to the plate without tape.

Both lessons now available on TpT.

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