Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Who will see their shadow this year

If you had asked me where I stood on "seasonal" art projects three years ago I would have asked you where I would find the time. I was going to be super busy with all the critiques and social issues that I was infusing into each lesson. Please don't bother me with your pumpkin/nutcracker lessons. I'm a little too busy cramming ten thousand years of art history down the first graders' throats.


So over winter break I was browsing the children's book area as I am wont to do when I have giftcards and I saw yet another book that I had to have for school. My daughter is now nine and I can't even pretend these books are for her anymore. But it sure was a sweet ride while it lasted. The cynic in me noted how quickly (Dec 26th) the Christmas books had vanished in favor of Valentines day themes. Right there amid all those red hearts I saw this little gem. That's right. Because no one know how to plan for a holiday themed art project like this girl right here. I'm already feeling that uneasy pang that we may not finish in time for Groundhogs Day if there is snow. Fingers crossed for no snow!

The book reminded me of a cool lesson I have seen and pinned no less than 3 times over the past couple years and it seemed like just the right time. My second graders will be starting a figure drawing unit once we return, and I've decided to have them try the crushed foil sculptures with shadows.

Can't wait to give it a go.

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