Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scavenger Hunt

The last week of class. Kind of a mixed bag. Passing back work, wrapping things up. I usually reserve the last week as a "free choice" day for classes that earn the reward and a catch up day for those that don't. In talking to my classes this year, the older students asked if there would be an art contest. Last year, they played the circle game and they wanted to do it again. I told them I would come up with something, but it would not be a circle game.

And so it began. The art room scavenger hunt. They had to find examples of colors, shapes and textures and draw them. Great way to review what they've learned and keep them quiet. Yes, I bribed the winner with something from the prize box to discourage them from working (talking loudly) together. The prizes? My extra samples from clay demonstrations. Yes. Crafty and cheap.

I'm selling the worksheet for $1 on Teachers Pay Teachers. All you really need to do is write 8 things on the board and yell go. It kind of works itself out. Will upload lesson plan soon.