Thursday, February 4, 2016

Calder Inspired

I've been working through paper sculpture with my kindergarten students since we returned from winter break. We started off with the loop project as a collaborative project after being inspired by Faith Ringold's Quilting Bee. We talked about being part of a community and contributing to a whole, even if you don't get to keep it. Great lesson for this group.

Next, we moved into other paper sculpting techniques using a round robin format for six centers. This no prep lesson is a new favorite. I placed one paper sculpting technique on each of my six tables. The students had a 6x6 base and unlimited scraps of white (recycled) copy paper. They had to figure out by themselves how to make the technique and then mount it on their base. Every five minutes I rang the bell and they got a new sample to try.

A finished base with 6 techniques

 Poster used to introduce paper sculpting techniques

The six samples, one for each table.

Last week I read "Sandy's Circus" and they made circus people using pipe cleaners and beads for the hands and/or feet.

We extended further into Alexander Calder this week as the students created planar sculptures and abstract animal sculptures after being inspired by a picture of stegosaurus. Lesson plan adapted from pink stripey socks.

Kindergarten sample of Planar Sculpture using at least 3 shapes.

Kindergarten Calder Inspired Sculpture

My "Alien" Calder Inspired Sample

Could do this lesson next October as a Spider:

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