Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kandinsky Snails

A very cute pin of snails keeps popping up in my pinterest feed, unfortunately it's a broken link. I would love to attribute it to the right person but can't find them. When I saw the picture of all the snails displayed together, I immediately pictured Kandinsky's Concentric Circles in Squares and knew I had my next Kindergarten lesson planned.

This was great timing as the students had just finished a lesson on color mixing so to continue that theme we talked about the order of the rainbow and how rainbows are formed. They understood there had to be the presence of water so that helped with a sneaky trick I had planned.

Each student received a coffee filter and was told to draw a circle in the center and color it solid with a marker that was one of the rainbow colors. The next step was to make 2 concentric circles around the first using colors in the rainbow that touch one another. When they were finished we misted each one with a water bottle and left them to dry.

The next week I remarked that their coffee filters reminded me of snail shells. We set to work creating spirals inside the shell. They cut them out and selected a body color. All items were glued down onto background paper and faces were added.

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