Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Evolution of Bobbleheads

My daughter made a bobblehead in fourth grade using plaster, a pencil and a styrofoam cup. It took her close to two months in art class, and about halfway through she was already "over it" so I had written it off as a possibility for my own class. After seeing the adorable lesson on Bobbleheads from Cassie Stephens, I decided I had to consider it. Since it's May and each grade level already worked with clay I thought about other materials. I've had a bunch of sculpey leftover from a grant a few years back and decided to give it a try at home.

Working in reverse I started looking for information to share with the students about bobbleheads and was overwhelmed with the information on the bobblehead hall of fame website. I didn't realize there was such a long and rich history. One piece of information struck me as possibly outdated so I did a fresh search for the largest bobblehead created and found that this Guiness record has changed a few times over the past decade. My students love facts like that, so I'm going to be sure to include that in their introduction. 

I like the element of balance and it got me thinking to how I will portion out the material. Although I've never tried it, I would like to bring in a small postal scale and have the students weigh their sculpey and give the project a maximum weight. This is shaping up to be a great STEAM lesson.

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