Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Model Magic

What do you do with the small remnants of model magic?

It pains me to waste the stuff. One day I was just playing with the extra bits and kept worrying it between my fingers trying to think of something to do with it before it dried. It became a cube. Lately I've been seeing lots of ideas on pinterest for art dice. My daughter got a game called doodle dice last year for Christmas - and it seems like the perfect thing for an art center.

Here's how to make the dice.

Scrape out whatever you can from package (or have the kids "pick up" what they can by taking a small bit and lifting the bits off the desks. Doesn't matter what color the dice are (you can draw on dice with a metallic sharpie). Marble dice are fun.

Roll into a ball.

Pinch, rotate and tap it into a cube.


Decorate the dice with types of lines or shapes. Make several and have the students do a drawing where you add on with the next line or shape. Can be used in groups or alone.

 Other uses for dice in the art room:
1. Random selection of helper table
2. Assigning jobs when meeting for group work
3. Used in art center to select the activity of the day (puzzle, how to book, free draw, blocks)
4. Review games
5. Critiques and token response activities (Find a work with good craftsmanship, good ideas, etc)

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