Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Word Up

This is probably one of my favorite lessons for my level one high school art classes.  I taught this two or three times. Going to think on some revisions to bring it down (safely) to my fourth grade students. These are the step by step instructions. The students always did a great job and really got into the lesson.

Sample Finished Work:

To start the project I have the students listen to three songs (for homework) and write down as many uses of "slang" as they can. Then they sketched ideas for three of their words. We did a mini history of logo design and they typeset their words on the computer in three fonts to select their favorite. Scrap matboard and cardboard was used for the armature. Paper mache to solidify the sculpture.
Students could choose celluclay or decoupage as a surface texture along with paint. The finished words had to stand, so there was a structural balance component.

*update* the unit plans for this lesson are for sale on Teacher pay Teachers.

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