Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Pop" Corn

New lesson for fourth grade will combine pop art, printmaking and corn.

Will be great for using up all the random 2 x 9" scraps of foam I seem to have inherited.  Thinking we can get this done in three classes. Art history connection with artist John Clem Clarke. Lesson plan for sale on TpT.

** Update 10/12/13 **
Road tested this with my 3rd grade daughter last night.
Tips: Have them draw the outline of the corn first. Then with a ruler, draw 4 or 5 guidelines across for making rows. Then tape to styrofoam. Draw the circles on the lines with ball point pen. You do not want them to do all circles on the paper and then trace. Way too much time. Mistakes won't show...they build character on the corn.

*** Update 12/5/17 ***
Have successfully completed this with 2nd grade. We do these as marker transfers. They color the lightest color first then add darker on top. Wet the printing paper with a damp sponge and transfer by burnishing with hands. You can have them cut out two or three, punch a hole and tie together with rafia.


  1. When you actually start doing the printmaking, did you have them paint in the alternate color single kernels with a brush right onto the styrofoam printing plate? I was wondering how you kept them from putting too much paint onto the plate, so that the ballpoint pen indents didn't get filled up with ink.

  2. I am currently trying a new way medium for printmaking, instead of printing inks. Acrylic paint with retarder medium mixed in. It's supposed to slow down the acrylic paint drying time. Have you tried this?

  3. Joy - these are marker prints. They colored with the lightest color first then added 2 or 3 other colors for variety. They wet the printing paper with a clean sponge and transfer the marker onto the wet paper by burnishing. Haven't tried the acrylic with retarder before. Thanks for sharing that idea.