Sunday, June 8, 2014

Posting Your Objectives

A few years back my high school began asking for teachers to write their daily objectives on the board. Those of us who taught 7 classes and may have had to share rooms tried to think of creative ways to handle this with the limited board space we already have.
At the high school level I used mini dry erase boards to cover an existing bulletin board. I could write the studio objective up and leave it up for as long as the project might take without having to worry the custodian might erase it each night and keeping my other boards free. I still use four of the boards at one of my buildings to display daily objectives even though it is not required there (yet). I modified the system at my other building using 4x6 magnetic photo frames and love it.

I can fit an index card inside each photo frame. I save them and can reuse them when the standard is taught to another grade level. I love the structured look and how easy it is for anyone to find out what we're learning.

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