Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Vacation

I hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved break. Like most of you, time out of the room doesn't always equal time mentally away from school. My husband and I took our daughter to Colonial Williamsburg and my mind is just churning away with all of the "trades" that we visited. During our visit I had the chance to take a Scherenschnitte workshop at the art museum and it was invigorating.

This falls after the month where students want to do nothing but cut paper snowflakes in my classroom. I'd love to follow up on my enthusiasm with a lesson, but I'm finding the price of the scissors a little daunting ($11-17 per pair....ouch!) While I know I could do the lesson with regular scissors, I definitely appreciated how smoothly and easily the curved blades cut through the paper and I hope they could experience that as well.

What was so magical about the workshop was that special time to create and be pampered as the student. Everything was prepared for me, no clean up. Supplies magically appeared at my desk right before I needed them, what a treat! My previous encounters with the medium were very two dimensional, so I loved that we made ornaments by stitching the cut pieces together. This could be a very scalable project for my upper elementary.

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