Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting Loopy

This week I taught a lesson that I saw last month in School Arts Magazine. The theme was Collaboration. As I've been on the hunt for kindergarten lessons this year, specifically things that can be done as stations or things that don't require a sample, I was excited to try the Paper Loop project. I love the suggested connection to quilting bees and the art of Faith Ringgold. Tangent....I enrolled in the AOE winter conference before the big news dropped today about Faith joining the conference!!

One of my kindergarten classes was a week ahead of the other two and I thankfully had them first. I deliberately stretched out the lesson so it would take two-sessions with them and now I've learned what to do, what not to do and where they need the most help and was able to easily knock it out in one 40-minute session today. 

The article didn't suggest, but I found these three standards fit nicely.

8.1.K.a Interpret art by identifying subject matter and describing relevant details.

1.1.K.a Engage in exploration and imaginative play with materials.

2.1.K.a Through experimentation, build skills in various media and approaches to art-making.

With older grades I would definitely want the color or size of the loops to be symbolic in some way, but for kinders, it was a great activity that enhanced collaboration and gave me a chance to review proper gluing techniques without feeling rushed. They were amazed at the completed sculpture and loved to watch me twist and rotate the pieces. They enjoyed pointing exactly where to place their loop.

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