Friday, March 19, 2021

Printmaking Workshops

Over the past week Art 4 students have been catching up on a variety of printmaking techniques using a workshop format. Many of these amazing students have lost the opportunity to engage with authentic materials over the past year in their Art 2 & 3 classes during covid for the Spring and Fall semesters. I want them to experience the joy of printmaking without worrying about a finished perfect project. 

Their first encounter was using gelli plates. Here are the results of the first attempts:

Here are some fun explorations:

Student's first monotype using watercolor on plexiglass

Student's set up for the monotype. Soap used to break surface tension.

Rubber bands on gelli print on newspaper

Marker Print on drawing paper (styrofoam plate)

Layered block print on a gelli print on a worksheet. 

Layered block print on block print on magazine paper

Block print on roll-off paper (used for cleaning brayer)

Layered block print on a gelli print (stencil)

Layered block print on a gelli print (stencil)

They will begin planning their printmaking project and choose from a range of techniques having had an appropriate amount of time to learn and experiment. I made a video  for the remote students including some of these techniques as well as a video for creating dry point prints with recycled materials from their home.

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