Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Georgia on my mind

This year's Crayola grant had me revisiting my Georgia goes 3D lesson. I changed the approach by having students START with the cup/vase design so they had a place to store the flowers as they were created. We read a Georgia O'Keefe biography and created the cups the same day. Tip: I wrote their initials on the bottom of the cup before they arrived. I wrote them with a colored sharpie to match their table color. If I'm going to have 90 of these sitting around I better be able to figure out who they belong to!

2nd class: We used old modeling clay in the bottom of the cup to weigh it down (also a great way to get rid of all the modeling clay they ends up gray/brown that no one wants). They rolled it into a sphere. Tapped the bottom flat and pinched the top. It looked like a hershey's kiss. Then as the flowers were created, we attached the flower heads to pipe-cleaners and inserted into the modeling clay. I didn't bother to have the wrap the stems in clay this year. We saved that and let them do a second week of flower making.

After the last flower was done, we added tissue paper around the stems to hide the modeling clay. At one of my schools I have a lovely display case that I can load from inside my room and it faces the hall. I was able to store work there in progress. It was fun for the whole school to guess what would blossom.

 So very pleased.

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